Dear Guests,

the camping is closed from October 15, 2023. Planned opening: April 15, 2024.

Pricelist 2023



Drinking-water – The first floor of the serving building is equipped with separated water blocks for women and men. On the ladies-side there are 4 toilets, showers and 4 hot-and-cold lavatories. The showers consist of two parts: a changing-lounge, which can be closed and where a mirror with hangers were placed for the sake of more comfort. In addition, there is a shower with hot and cold water, separated with shower curtain. At the men’s section there are 3 toilets and 2 urinals at the service of our male guests. The shower room and the lavatory are the same as in the women’s section.

Pets – Our camping is animal-friendly, so you can bring along your pets provided you take care of them. There are no extra expenses for your pets.

Electricity – The electricity (10 A) can be gained from blocks separated for caravans and flatcars. What is more, you can also charge your mobiles and laptops at the dining room situated at the ground floor.

Barbecueing – There is an outdoor fireplace for our guests, restricted amount of firewood is also assured. If someone has forgotten to bring a marmite pot or skewers, these objects can also be rented.

Caravan – In our camping you can rent caravans for 2-3-4 people as accommodation. The caravans can be equipped with bed-clothes if required. The price of the accommodation can be found in the actual price list.

Sporting facilities – For children there is a mini-playground and sandbox. If the weather is very hot, we place a sunshade above the sandbox. There are table-tennis tables, nets for volleyball and badminton and a bigger grassy area for football lovers.

Free Wi-Fi – At the area of the camping the internet access is free, for the joy of our foreign guests. In this way they can instantly contact their relatives at home through phone and through skype.



The beginning

When we bought the 6000 square-meter big land in Szob at the bank of the Danube in 2006, we did not think that once we would open our own camping here. First we tried to sell the land as a building site for decades without success. Afterwards we brainstormed about how we could take the advantage of the site with a breath-taking view and central location. In the end, the brilliant idea of the camping came to our minds out of the blue.

We started to form the green field in 2009 by cutting out the dangerous and old poplars and by planting new trees such as elms, white birches, lindens and other decor plants. In addition, soil replacement, soil refilling and turfing also took place.

The requalification, planning and licensing was quite a long process. We started the construction in 2013, though we did not expect the flood of that year, which was the biggest that has ever occurred in the region. As a result, we could continue the building operations with a three- week delay, and finally, the public building of the camping was built up by the end of August.

At the ground floor of the public building you can find the following facilities: reception, toilet and shower for disabled people, chemical toilet, sink with hot and cold water, microwave, cooker and fridge. On the first floor you can find the shower for women and men, the toilet, the lavatory-and nappy-changing stations.

The acquirement of different licenses also took a lot of time, thus we could open our gates only in 30. 05. 2014.

Fortunately we had quite a lot of guests right in the first season, some of them booked a place in advance, some others simply popped into the camping. Most of our guests were the Hungarian but some Australian, Canadian, Russian, Polish, Czech, German, Austrian, Slovakian, Dutch and French tourists also visited the camping. From all these nations our guests have written some nice and encouraging words into the visitor’s book.



   2628 Szob, Park utca 11.

 ipolykapu [snail] gmail.com

 +36 30 670 6272

The way to us

By car (on public road): Drive on road 12 until SZOB then follow the instructions on the ferry trespassing signs or the signposts placed in the town directly next to the port.

By bicycle: at the end of the EURO VELO 6 cycle lane at Szob, next to the port.

By boat or ship: direct entrance at the 1707,2 river kilometer of the Danube.

By train: about 900 meters from Szob station, along the Ipolyság and Rév way.